Glass of organic apple juice and fresh red apple

An overnight liver detox can help you flush out toxins accumulated in the liver over the years and help restore this vital organ. It will help bowel movements occur more regularly by washing out sluggish bile. A cleansed liver will purify blood and repair the gallbladder. This overnight liver detox takes a little over a day to complete, with the detoxification process occurring overnight. All you need is organic apple juice, olive oil and lemon juice, castor oil, and a heating blanket.

Organic Apple Juice

Drink 40 oz. of organic apple juice throughout the day. Achieve this by drinking 8 oz. of juice five times during the day with a span of three hours between each drink. It is important that the juice be organic so you are not loading your body up on excess sugar and preservatives.


Eat a healthy breakfast, but there are no guidelines on how much or what to eat. For lunch and throughout the rest of the day eat lightly. Contain your diet to salads, fruits and raw vegetables.

Prepare for the Overnight Detox

Consume 2 tbsp. of olive oil and 2 tbsp. of lemon juice an hour before bed. Right before you lie down in bed, saturate a 6-by-6-inch piece of flannel with castor oil. Place it on the right side of your stomach, under your ribs. This is where your liver is located. Tape a plastic bag over the flannel to keep the oil from soaking into your nightclothes and bed linens. Sleep with an electric heating pad or blanket over you (or at least over the plastic bag) to keep the castor oil activated.

Morning After

Remove the castor-oil pack. Rinse the area with water and baking soda to remove the oily residue. Sweat for 20 minutes the morning after the detox to purge your body of lingering toxins. You can do this by sitting in a sauna for 20 minutes or putting on a sweat suit and vigorously working out.