Other Uses for Dry Pancake Mix

By Lauren Griffin

Sure, pancakes are delicious, but it is easy to grow tired of the breakfast favorite, especially when you are trying to use up a large box of pancake mix. Luckily, there are a variety of recipes that use dry pancake mix. Instead of only making pancakes, try one of these tasty ideas.

Whip up other recipes using dry pancake mix.

Sugar Cookies

Dry pancake mix can be used to make delicious sugar cookies. Mixing together the dry pancake mix with powdered sugar, butter, vanilla extract and eggs creates a soft and simple cookie dough. These basic sugar cookies can easily be adapted to fit the theme of any event. For instance, roll the dough in orange and black colored sugar before baking to create Halloween cookies. At Christmas, some festive tree-shaped sprinkles or red and green icing will make the cookies merry.


Muffins made from dry pancake mix are like a blank canvas, ready to be flavored with a variety of fruits or spices. Spice up your morning with some warm cinnamon apple muffins made with dry pancake mix, as well as cinnamion and freshly chopped apple. Top the sweet treats off with a delicious cinnamon sugar mixture. For a fruity muffin, try adding fresh blueberries, chopped strawberries or bananas into the muffin mix.


Whip up a delicious golden cake with dry pancake mix. After beating together cream of tartar with the egg whites and folding in a batter made with dry pancake mix, it's a cinch to make an airy, delectable cake. Throwing in some fresh blue berries give the cake a delicious burst of flavor, while grated orange rind adds a refreshing kick of citrus. Cut a slice in the morning for a sweet breakfast or help yourself to some for dessert.

Fruit Cobbler

When in a hurry for a tasty dessert, use dry pancake mix to make a quick fruit cobbler. Use fresh fruit and homemade syrup or canned fruit pie filling to make a juicy layer of fruit. Pick whatever flavor you like, from cherry to apple. Dough made from dry pancake mix is spooned on top of the fruit to create a sweet cake-like topping. This traditional dessert is perfect for holidays, as well as for no special reason.