natural ways to repair damaged hair follicles

Excessive exposure to the sun, infrequent hair care regimens or even improper diets can lead to damaged hair follicles. While there is a plethora of oils and potions and drugs to help you combat the condition, there are a few home remedies, too, that are known as effective cures for damaged hair follicles.

Fruits and Herbs

Essential oils such as rosemary and lavender or vinegar made from apple cider are ideal remedies for treating damaged hair follicles. These help provide nutrients to the hair and bring back luster, strength and volume. Avocados and bananas, made into a pulp, rubbed on to the scalp and left for 30 minutes before rinsing are effective hair care remedies, too. These restore oil and moisture to the dry damaged hair follicle.


Oils — coconut, olive, castor or almond — make useful, damaged-hair treatment remedies. They help to protect the hair, provide nutrition and keep the follicles moist and healthy. A mixture of all or some of these oils is beneficial, too. Massage the oils into the scalp and before rinsing, leave undisturbed for a few hours, preferably overnight. According to a home remedy, wrapping the oiled head with a hot moist towel aids repair even better.


Eggs act as nature’s own cleansing and conditioner agent, perfect for natural treatment of damaged hair follicles. You can whip an egg into tepid water, massage your hair and scalp with it and wash away — or whip only the egg white into a creamy fluid with a tablespoon of water and then add the yolk just before you massage the concoction into the scalp and hair. Rinse with warm water and do this procedure once again. A blend of egg and honey applied on the hair and scalp on alternate days forms a great home cure for damaged hair follicles. A similar remedy is the blend of an egg and a tablespoon each of honey, coconut oil and almond oil, which should be applied to wet hair, left undisturbed for half an hour and then shampooed.


Apply a chunky layer of mayonnaise all over your head, covering all the hair and scalp, massaging it into the skin and leave undisturbed for half an hour. Washing with warm tepid water will help repair damaged hair. For severely damaged hair, this can be left on overnight before being washed with a shampoo. You could also heat mayonnaise into an oily white substance and leave it on your hair for 15 minutes before mildly shampooing it.

General Measures

Drink a sufficient quantity of water and juices. Eat lots of fresh green vegetables and fruits for supply of vital nutrition for the body, enhanced blood circulation in the scalp and growing health of the hair. Follow a regular hair care regimen and protect your hair from day to day damage. Use umbrellas, hats or scarves to keep away the sun and pollutants.