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Droopy eyelids begin when the fragile layers of skin that surround the eyes thin and lose their elasticity due to age, stress, smoking, dehydration, depression, a diet rich in sugars and other environmental factors. You can choose to halt this process and look 10 years younger by changing your lifestyle and engaging in the daily application of a few effective home remedies.


Sleep at least seven hours per night. Employ the art of aromatherapy to help you achieve a good night's sleep by filling a small, clean spray bottle with distilled water, adding 14 drops of essential oil and spraying your pillows and sheets with the mixture at least 20 minutes before retiring for the night.

Consume a healthy diet by drinking plenty of water, cutting down on salt and caffeine, and eating fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants kill off free radicals, which can be partially responsible for the aging process.

Exercise regularly for at least 20 minutes per day by walking briskly, riding a bike or engaging in other aerobic activities. Practicing daily aerobics will increase your blood circulation and lymphatic system function, which serves to eliminate waste and toxins at the cellular level.


Apply a cold gel mask, cucumber slices or cool chamomile tea bags to your eyes. Lie back and rest for at least 20 minutes per day, allowing the treatment to soothe your eyes and reduce puffiness.

Treat your eyes gently. Avoid rubbing your eyes repeatedly, as doing so causes the skin to break down faster, stretch and sag. Determine and eliminate the cause of irritation that inspires you to rub your eyes.

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Avoid damaging sun exposure by protecting your eyes with dark sunglasses. Prolonged sun exposure can contribute to the breakdown of collagen and tissue density in eyelids, causing them to age prematurely.


Apply acupressure to six key points around eyes twice per day using the pads of your fingers and thumb. Begin at the inner point of eye socket, directly on the bone and just above the bridge of your nose. Apply the pads of your thumbs to both points simultaneously; pressing or gently rubbing for 10 seconds, releasing and repeating three times total.

Move fingers to the point beneath your eye at the center of the eye socket rim, directly beneath the pupil. Press inward carefully with the pads of your middle finger. Hold for 10 seconds without rubbing. Release and repeat three times.

Lift middle fingers off the bone and skin, moving them slightly outward from center to the outward lower rim of the eye socket. Press inward carefully without massaging and hold for 10 seconds, releasing and repeating three times.

Raise hands to rest the pads of thumbs against the upper outer corners of eye sockets. Press in for 10 seconds, massaging if desired. Release and repeat three times total.

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Close your eyes and massage temples for 10 seconds to release lymphatic fluid and to inspire relaxation. Release and repeat three times. Complete the session by massaging eyelids very gently with pads of fingers to drain lymph fluid from the eye area. Blurred vision for a few seconds after you stop is normal.


Find ways to relieve and eliminate stress from your life. One of the easiest methods is to smile as often as possible. It’s difficult to be stressful when you’re smiling.

Forgo the shower and relax in a warm bath at least once per week to soak off the stress of the day.


Always check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.