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Quick action is called for when cluster flies invade a home. People are seeking alternatives to calling exterminators to rid the home of pesky cluster flies because the chemicals that exterminators use can be harmful to small children and pets. Professional exterminators can also be very expensive. As people try to live greener lives, they are looking for natural cures for flies.

Cluster Flies

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A cluster fly is a black fly that is slightly larger than a regular fly. They are usually found in large numbers in the fall. They tend to hibernate in empty places around the house such as attics, basements and other unused spaces. Cluster flies will hibernate in several areas of the house, which is why they can be hard to eliminate. If they are found in one spot around the house, chances are they are also hibernating somewhere else in the home.

Natural Cures for Cluster Flies

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It is not easy to rid a home of cluster flies because they make their way into walls and hidden spaces in the house. It can be difficult to spot where they are hibernating. Start by sealing any cracks and crevices in the home. Make sure areas around windows are sealed tightly. Check light fixtures, baseboards, electrical outlets and any other place where open spaces or cracks can be seen.

Since cluster flies gather around windows, if the windows are older and have pulleys, check the area around the pulley ropes very carefully and apply masking tape over all exposed areas.

Flies Love Wine

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It is true that flies love Chardonnay wine. Fill containers with the wine and dish detergent and place them around the house. The flies will be attracted to the wine, but poisoned by the detergent.

A natural fly paper can be made by boiling water, sugar and corn syrup together and smearing the sticky mess over a brown paper bag. Hang the bag in the home to attract flies. This works the same way as commercially made fly-paper.

These methods attract flies. Another way to get the cluster flies out of the home is by using the hose of the vacuum cleaner to suck them up when they have gathered. The vacuum bag needs to be emptied right away when using this method.

Preventing Cluster Fly Infestations

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The best way to keep cluster flies from the home is to prevent them from laying eggs around the property. Eliminate standing water near the home. Keep the lids on trash bins tight and wash them out frequently. Growing basil and mint in pots around the house will help keep flies away. Put food away after eating so the food does not attract flies.

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