Names of 1940s Hairstyles

By Daniella Lauren

Hairstyles of the 1940s are known for being sleek and glamorous, and are often thought of being difficult to recreate. Websites such as give comprehensive instructions and diagrams so that anyone can recreate these famous styles.


In the Chignon--a sophisticated version of a low-bun hairstyle--the hair is teased to create more volume, and then twisted. Chignons are often decorated with flowers, jewels or barrettes.

Omelet Fold

The Omelet Fold style is created by parting the hair slightly off center from bottom to top. Roll or fold each side up until it meets at the part, then pin in place. The top of the hair should have some curls for more decoration and style.

Queue Curl

The Queue Curl is characterized by the two sides being curled and folded up to the top, with the center being pulled back in a sleek design. The back of the hair is typically curled or fluffed.

Ringlet Curl

The Ringlet Curl is fashioned similarly to the Queue Curl, though the Ringlet is distinguished by a distinct part down the center with the side ringlets looser. The back hair is normally a large cluster of curls, or formed into a single roll.

Rosie the Riveter Headscarf

Headscarves or do-rags were commonly used by female factory workers to keep their hair out of the way, or for those who were covering hair setting in pin curls.