Wearing fake nails can enhance to your appearance, just as wearing makeup and clothes may do. As with any other beauty treatment, nails must be maintained. Even under the best conditions, you might break, or even lose a nail. If you cannot get to the salon for repairs or if you have run out of your usual nail glue, there are substitutes you can use.

Crazy or Five-Second Glue

'Crazy Glue' or 'Five-Second Glue' works well on bonding nails, it contains a strong chemical compound so you should use it sparingly as too much will damage the nail and nail bed. Extra glue also will harden when it dries, causing lumpy spots on the skin.

The Juliette Method

The Juliette method, or a nail wrap, is good not only for applying nails, but it is also good to protect fragile nails or maintain long nails. Developed by Juliette Marglen and popularized in Los Angeles, this method is beginning to be used in nail salons across the country. To try the Juliette method, you need to purchase one of the nail-mender kits that contain mending liquid and paper. The kit includes a sealer, which will help keep the nail in place. When you begin, cut all the papers you will use. Clean your fingertips to remove excess oil. Saturate paper that you cut with liquid solution and place it over your nail. Use the orange stick that comes in the package to smooth the paper to remove any wrinkles or lumps.

Acylic Mender Kits

These kits contain acrylic powder and solvent that you mix to form a paste. Apply the paste to your nail bed, reattach the nail and hold it in place. These kits should be used only with acrylic nails.


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