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As the first meal of the day, breakfast serves the important function of jump-starting the metabolism and providing a ready source of energy for the day. As such, breakfast is typically a mix of carbohydrates such as bread, oatmeal or potatoes with protein such as sausage, bacon or cheese. However, many popular foods can be enjoyed for breakfast!


Cereal is a mainstay of American breakfasts everywhere. It provides a convenient, vitamin-infused option that's rich in carbohydrates. The carbohydrates in cereal are offset by the protein in the milk. Cereals come in a number of different varieties, textures and flavors, although sugar-rich cereals should be avoided.


Scrambled, over-easy, sunny side up, poached, fried, there's no end to the way your eggs can be cooked. Eggs provide a balance of nearly every nutrient needed to sustain life in a low-calorie, protein-rich form. At only 90 calories per egg, this is a healthy addition to nearly any breakfast.

Hot Cereal

Grits and oatmeal are very popular breakfast foods. Grits are more popular in the South, and oatmeal is typically more popular in the North. One out of every five Americans eats oatmeal. These hot breakfast cereals pack a healthy dose of fiber which helps keep a person full for longer.

Biscuits and Gravy

While biscuits are a popular stand-alone breakfast food, biscuits and gravy is an old breakfast standby. Gravy can be made with flour and milk and can have any type of breakfast meat added to it. Gravy is poured over the biscuits. This meal is rich in carbohydrates and calories and is popular among those who work with their hands all day, such as farmers or construction workers.


Breads such a bagels, English muffins and biscuits are commonly seen on breakfast tables around America. Typically combined with jelly, jam or meat, these breads give a dose of carbohydrates and vitamins.


Bacon and sausage are typically seen on a breakfast table due to their thick, savory tastes and odors. These meats have a large amount of quality protein although they're also high in fat. Turkey bacon and sausage are lower fat options.

Doughy Cakes

Pancakes and waffles serve as a base for syrups, jellies and fruit. These flat breads can be served singularly or in a stack. Toppings typically are sweeter in nature and side items include eggs, potatoes or meat.


Fried or homestyle potatoes can show up during any meal of the day although they're the only type of potato typically seen at breakfast time. These potatoes are often heavily-spiced to add taste and odor and coated in cheese or gravy.

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