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Bread machines make it possible to enjoy home-baked breads without all the work and mess of mixing and kneading. Simply combine the ingredients and walk away and the machine will mix, knead, rise and bake in a single vessel. Different models of bread machines have slightly different methods of adding ingredients. The instructions for Mister Loaf bread machines by MK Home Bakery are simple.

Pour the water into the bread machine pan.

Add, but do not stir, the flour, sugar, salt and butter.

With your finger, make a small well in the mound of flour. Pour the yeast into the well where it is not touching the water. This will delay the yeast becoming active and ensure that it rises at the proper time.

Start the bread machine and wait.


This method can be used with any bread recipe, as long as the same sequence is kept: water, dry ingredients and butter, then yeast.