Hands knead dough

Making bread has always been labor intensive, but simpler nowadays thanks to bread machines. And they're no one-trick ponies either—the machines can also be used to prepare dough for other types of food, including pastries. Use this method to mix and knead, but set the machine to stop short of actually baking the pastry.

Determine how much dough the bread bucket in the machine can hold. If you estimate that the resulting mixture from the recipe will be more than the bread bucket can hold, try dividing the ingredients into two or more parts and mix each part separately.

Place the ingredients in the machine in the order specified in the bread machine's manual.

Select the "Dough” or "Make Dough" function to begin the mixing process. Wait for the machine to complete the process; it's programmed to stop at a certain time.

Remove the dough from the bread machine and complete the preparation for your pastry as directed in the recipe.


Use room-temperature ingredients when making pastry dough in a bread machine.