malibu hair treatment

If you live in an area where there is hard water, chances are you’ve noticed that your hair isn’t in the best of shape. This is because minerals such as rust and chlorine build up in your hair, leaving it feeling dry, coarse and dirty. This excess buildup can also cause blondes to take on a brassy hue in their tresses. A good way to remove this buildup and start with a clean slate is by getting a Malibu hair treatment.

Malibu Basics

A Malibu hair treatment is usually done at a salon, although there are also at-home products like Malibu shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. The best way to get the most effective Malibu treatment, though, is by visiting a stylist.

A packet of Malibu hair treatment consists of granules often referred to as a “crystal gel.” These granules are mixed with water and rubbed into the hair. Stylists usually allow the Malibu treatment to process under a hair dryer for at least 40 minutes. Make sure that you have at least an hour to spare before getting a Malibu treatment, depending on the length and thickness of your hair, processing time can vary.

A Malibu treatment typically will remove excess buildup in your hair caused from hard water, chlorine from swimming pools and water softeners. Hard water often contains calcium and iron, which is what makes lighter hair take on a coppery or brassy hue. If you are a swimmer or use the pool frequently, chlorine and copper can build up in your hair, also causing damage. Copper is what causes light hair to take on a greenish cast. A Malibu treatment will effectively remove this buildup.

Hair Prep

This treatment is also great for prepping hair for color, perms and relaxers. Think of each strand of hair as a small hallway. The more people you shove into the hallway, the less room there will be, and eventually, you will run out of space. When there is buildup in the hair, minerals and impurities absorb into the strands, saturating them. Therefore, when hair color or perms are applied to the hair, there just isn’t any room for the chemicals to absorb into it.

The Malibu hair treatment will often be applied right before professional hair coloring, perming or relaxing. Because it removes buildup, it will make room for these processes.

Frequency of Treatment

Stylists typically recommend that you get a professional Malibu treatment every nine weeks or so, especially if you have color-treated hair. If you are using at-home Malibu treatments, follow the directions on the packaging. Oftentimes, Malibu clarifying shampoos and conditioners can be used weekly. Other clarifying shampoos like Neutrogena Clean Volume, Clairol Herbal Essences Clarifying and Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying shampoos will all work great. Some of the store-bought clarifying shampoos can be used on a daily basis.