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Mineral deposits in hair can be caused by a variety of things, such as hard water and chlorine and copper in swimming pools. There are a few methods that you can use to remove mineral deposits, but preventing it in the first place is preferred.


Some tap water is considered "hard water" and has a excess amount of minerals within the water. Washing hair regularly in hard water can create mineral deposits in the hair. Some swimming pools can cause mineral deposits and also give your hair a green tinge. The copper and chlorine in swimming pools can cause this.

Salon Crystal Clarifying Treatment

If your hair has mineral deposits, you can go to a salon and request a crystal clarifying treatment to get rid of the dulling deposits. You may also purchase crystal clarifying treatment packs at a beauty supply store.

Chelating Shampoos

Chelating shampoos such as K-Pak Chelating Shampoo are specifically designed to remove impurities such as mineral deposits from hair. These type of shampoos have ingredients that remove these mineral deposits from hair.


A vinegar mixture applied to hair before shampooing can help remove mineral deposits from hair. The vinegar reacts with the minerals and will eat at the minerals every time you shampoo. Try using half vinegar, half water misture and apply all over hair before shampooing at least once every other week or as needed.


Prevent mineral deposits in hair by regularly shampooing with the vinegar mixture or chelating shampoo. If the mineral deposits are caused by hard water, you can purchase a water softener for your home. If the mineral deposits are caused by a swimming pool, wet hair and apply a conditioner throughout--do not rinse--before swimming.