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The formation of Candida yeast in the body is caused by food. Usually the presence of this yeast is not a health hazard, but too much yeast can be harmful to the body. It can lead to Candida, or what is commonly known as thrush. A yeast-free diet is recommended to treat Candida. Even though it is called a diet, it is not a very restrictive one because several foods are available in every category to avoid dull meals. Most yeast-free foods can be found easily at supermarkets. There are a few that you will have to look for in health food stores.

Yeast-Free Breakfast Foods

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Several breakfast foods are completely yeast-free and wholesome, such as eggs. Whether you eat them fried, poached or scrambled, eggs remain yeast-free. Some yeast-free breads can be found in health food stores. Flour tortillas or any bread made from wheat flour is yeast-free as long as it does not contain yeast, sugar or any other ingredient that has yeast. Spelt bread is yeast-free and can be found in health food stores. Substitute regular butter with almond butter, cashew butter or any other nut butter except for peanut butter. An oatmeal porridge made with rice milk is a good option. Substitute sugar-sweetened fruit juices with sugar-free carrot and beet root juices, both healthy yeast-free beverages. A healthy yeast-free sweetener is honey.

Lunch And Dinner Yeast-Free Foods

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Meats of all kinds are yeast-free. Make sure they are fresh because meats that are not fresh can develop a form of yeast. Take your pick of chicken, veal, lamb, pork, duck, seafood and pheasant. Vegetables of all kinds can be combined with meats to make complete meals. You can stir-fry, saute or even steam foods to preserve as much of their nutrition as possible. Beans such as kidney, lima and red beans are yeast-free healthy options. For cooking, use the unrefined versions of olive, sesame, safflower and corn oils. Use a mix of lemon juice and oil instead of vinegar for salad dressings.

Yeast-Free Snack Foods

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Steam various vegetables and munch on them at snack time, such as asparagus, cauliflower, beets, green beans, radishes and turnips. Let water be your primary health drink. You can also have vegetable juices such as V8 as well as decaffeinated tea and coffee. Soy milk and milk from unprocessed nuts are also good options. Dips and salads made with vegetables such as hummus and tabbouleh are some options. Rice is yeast-free. You can also chew on a handful of nuts when hunger pangs strike, but no peanuts. Baked potatoes and taco salads make healthy snacking options, as does popcorn. Just skip the Brewer's Yeast.