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Feeding your children can cause a battle between their favorite foods and your desire to keep them healthy. You can offer your children tasty foods, while finding ways to make them more nutritious. Create a list of your children's favorite foods. Experiment with different ingredients, including seasonings, and add any new favorites to your list.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

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Your children may ask for a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Make sure the meatballs are well cooked. If your children enjoy this meal, you can add vegetables and make it healthier. Eating vegetables can offer your children vitamins, minerals and fiber. Vegetable choices include chopped mushrooms or cut broccoli.

Mashed Potatoes

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Prepare a pot of mashed potatoes for your children. You can add seasonings and herbs to make the potatoes tastier, such as garlic powder. You want to avoid adding salt as a seasoning. Beside the seasonings and herbs, try serving the mashed potatoes topped with vegetables then cover with sour cream.


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When you offer your children pancakes, watch their eyes open wide. Preparing pancakes at home allows you to make the pancake more nutritious. Cook whole-wheat pancakes instead of using white flour. Some children enjoy eating their pancakes plain. Other children prefer toppings, so use low-fat syrup.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

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Your children can crave peanut butters and jelly sandwiches. Serve these sandwiches for lunch or as a snack. Some peanut butter have high-fat content, so limit how much you serve. When using jelly, experiment with different flavors. Different jelly flavors can include raspberry and boysenberry.


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Hamburgers provide a child-friendly food choice. Some ground beef used for hamburgers are high in fat. Reduce the fat content with low-fat ground beef. You can pair your children's hamburgers with mashed potatoes or serve the hamburgers with bread only.


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Soups can offer a meal or snack for young children. You can serve a bowl of soup throughout the year. Some favorite soup flavors for children include turkey, chicken and pea. When preparing homemade soup for your children, experiment with different vegetables. Add spinach, lima beans, parsnips or turnips.

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