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For many decades, if you wanted to have a glass of iced tea, you needed to make traditional hot tea, followed by cooling it in the refrigerator and then pouring it over ice. In the 1960s and 70s, sun tea became popular. This method used solar power instead of boiled water, but took hours to produce the finished product. Lipton has now invented Cold Brew tea bags that can be used to create fresh iced tea in just minutes.

Place two family-sized Lipton Cold Brew tea bags into a pitcher or one regular sized bag into a glass.

Pour 8 cups of cold water into the pitcher or 8 oz. of cold water into the glass.

Allow the tea bag and water to sit together for 3 minutes. Stir the bags and water once during the brewing process.

Stir the bags and water together once more when the tea is done brewing, then remove the tea bags and discard them. The tea can be sweetened to taste.


Lipton's recommends using a pitcher of this tea within 3 days of brewing.

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