Junior Miss Talent Ideas

By Janis Bennett

Every Junior Miss contestant wants to succeed, not only in the pageant, but in life. With young women from all walks of life taking part in this prestigious pageant, there is a wide variety of talent acts that are performed to impress the judges and entertain the audience. The most popular Junior Miss talent acts include dancing, singing and playing a musical instrument. But there are many activities that a young woman can do in the 90-second talent portion of the Junior Miss beauty pageant.

Violinists continue to place in the top 10 at the Junior Miss pageant, according to Teenager Pageants.


Playing an instrument is one of the more popular talents showcased in the Junior Miss pageants, but harpists and violinists continue to place in the top 10, according to Teenager Pageants.


Singing is also one of the most popular talents that can be seen in the Junior Miss pageants. The key is to find a song that you are very comfortable with, is appropriate for your age, shows off your personality and has a good range.

Lyrical Dance

For young women with a great voice and fancy footwork, consider performing a lyrical dance. This combines both vocals and dancing and will allow you to show off two talents at once. It also shows that you have wonderful coordination.


If you have a passion for acting, but you are looking for something a little more unique, consider doing a monolog. A monolog is when a character talks to herself out loud, without addressing a listener, revealing her thoughts. This is typically very dramatic, making for a great one-person show.

Comedy Act

If you have a funny personality and have a knack for getting people to laugh, consider doing a comedy act for your Junior Miss talent act. Just watch your topics and subjects so that they are not racy or inappropriate.

Baton Twirling

Baton twirling is a combination of dancing and juggling, and is a lot more graceful than juggling. Baton twirling takes many hours of practice in order to master, as the 2010 Junior Miss Iowa, Paige Curtis, can tell you.

Magic Act

Many people might not think of magic as a talent but if you have ever tried to make a coin disappear and then reappear behind a person's ear, you will quickly realize that skills are needed to pull off a great magic trick. Check with your state's Junior Miss rules about having props before you start working on your magic routine.


Nothing gets people excited like a great back-flip or a running round-off into a split. If you are a great tumbler, show it off and stun the judges and the audience with your ability to defy gravity and your amazing flexibility.