Matcha and Hojicha Soft ice cream
Swanya Charoonwatana/iStock/GettyImages

The type of soft serve ice cream you can get an ice cream parlor is a lot smoother and lighter compared to the ice cream purchased in a grocery store. However, in order to make commercial soft serve ice cream, you will need an ice cream maker to freeze the ingredients quickly to create soft serve ice cream. The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker is just one such product that allows you to make commercial soft serve ice cream from home with only a few simple ingredients.

Fill the condiment containers with any additives you want in you ice cream such as nuts or sprinkles. The larger additives go in the rectangular containers and the smaller ones go in the front compartment.

Place the bowl the freezer until the bowl is thoroughly frozen. Then, remove the freezer bowl and put the bowl inside the base of the machine.

Push the mixing arm through the hole located on the bottom of the lid and then put the mixing arm onto the base. Push the arm down and it will lock into position.

Turn the dial on to start the mixing arm.

Fill the freezer bowl with the ingredients by pouring the ingredients through the hole in the lid. The ingredients you use will vary depending on what recipe you choose. For standard vanilla soft serve add 1 cup of whole milk, 1 cup of sugar, 2 cups of heavy cream and 2 tsp. of vanilla extract. Don’t fill the freezer bowl more than a 1/2 inch from the top as the ingredients will expand when frozen.

Mix the ice cream ingredients for about 20 minutes to create soft serve. Dispense the ice cream into a bowl or cone using the lever on the side of the machine.