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Cooking a meal is not always easy, and the end result might differ from what was expected. Accidents happen in the kitchen, most of which are related to burnt meals. Aircore Cookware is a set of pans claiming to do the cooking for you. These pots and pans are made of a dual layer of steel separated by a layer of air. The first layer is heated by the stove and it heats up the air, which heats up the second layer. The result is that food is cooked with the stove turned off, heat is distributed evenly and no scrubbing or scraping of pots is needed.

Chop up your ingredients with a knife. These may include vegetables, fruit, meat or whatever it is you are making for dinner.

Throw the raw ingredients into an Aircore Cookware pot.

Cover the pot with double lids in the correct size. Each lid should fit ideally over the top of the pot and not be either too small or too big.

Turn on the burner on your stove top to medium or high, and place the Aircore pot on it. Heat the pot with the ingredients in it until the temperature dial on the lid indicates that the correct temperature is reached when the gauge is on red.

Turn off the burner and let the food cook either on the stove top or anywhere you like. Aircore claims that food will be cooked to perfection even if the pot is placed in the freezer or refrigerator. Check on the food from time to time since it will continue on cooking for hours.

Remove food from the pot and serve for dinner or for whichever meal. Food left inside the pot will stay warm for a couple of hours without the need to reheat.

Clean the Aircore pot once food is removed and once it cools, using a sponge and dish detergent. It should be easy to clean since nothing scorches, sticks or burns in these pots.