Female hands in a paraffin wax bowl

HoMedics ParaSpa is a home spa treatment system that uses warm paraffin to soften dry skin on the hands, elbows and feet. The HoMedics paraffin wax is hypoallergenic, so there are no chemicals in the wax to irritate the skin. The wax is odorless and easily peels off the skin without affecting the hair follicles. The ParaSpa is packaged with 4 lbs. of paraffin wax, and refill packs can be purchased from a department or drug store.


Remove all jewelry from your fingers, wrists and ankles.

Wash the skin area where you will be applying the paraffin. By washing the skin area, the wax will be easy to remove.

Apply a lanolin-based lotion over the skin area being treated; this will help condition the skin and make the paraffin easier to remove.

Setup for Use

Place the HoMedics ParaSpa on a flat surface before plugging the product into an outlet. When you are ready to heat the wax, place the paraffin into the bath and close the locking lid. Ensure that you've filled the tub to at least the minimum level marker.

Heat the wax to a temperature of about 125 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Near the power button, a light indicator will blink while the wax is heating, and the "Ready" light will turn on when the wax is ready for use.

Place the grid grate into the wax to make sure the wax is liquefied. The wax may take up to two hours to melt.

Test the temperature of the wax by dabbing a small amount onto your wrist with a cotton swab.

Sit while using the ParaSpa to avoid spilling the wax.

Dip your hand, elbow or foot into the wax, remove, and then let the wax solidify. Repeat this step six to 10 times until you are satisfied with the skin coating of the paraffin wax. Place a plastic liner over the area being treated. For a deep spa treatment for rough skin, leave the wax on for approximately 10 to 20 minutes.


Keep your Homedics ParaSpa in good condition by replacing the paraffin often. You can reuse the wax if you will be the only person using the product.

Remove the grate from the paraffin wax while it's still in liquid form. Let the wax harden.

Remove the paraffin wax by pushing on one end of the hardened block. Do not use sharp objects to retrieve the wax because this can damage the tub.

Wipe out the tub with a soapy cloth, then wipe again with a clean, damp cloth. Do not pour water into the tub or dip the tub into water.