When a baby is born, parents try many ways to maintain the memories of how small and fragile he is. Pictures, baby books and memory journals are used often to create fond memories, but some parents choose to get tattoos with each child born. Coming up with tattoo ideas can take some thought, and it is important that parents find a tattoo idea that is meaningful and special before visiting the tattoo artist.

Name and Birthdate

A child’s name and birthday are special to parents. Getting your child’s name tattooed on your body is an obvious and easy option. A birth date or name in small print can easily be covered in professional settings. Some people combine a name or birthday of their child with a larger image, such as flower or an image of an object that is meaningful to the child.

Image Tattoos

Tattoo artists are often able and willing to provide realistic looking tattoos of people. You can choose to have a tattoo of your child’s face done on your body. A popular choice is the face of the child as a baby, as a reminder of how small and precious she was as an infant.

Handprints or Footprints

Parents of newborns often have a mold or stamp created of the baby’s hands or feet. These creations can be taken to the tattooist and turned into a unique tribute to the child. Footprints and handprints are unique to each person, meaning that no two tattoos of this nature will be the same.

Child’s Drawings

Parents of an older child might want to use drawings made by the child as tattoos. Although daring and unique, some parents truly enjoy the look of their child’s artwork and wish to keep the creations forever. Artistic children might even enjoy sitting down with their parents and creating a new drawing especially for a tattoo.

Family-Themed Tattoos

Family-themed tattoos symbolize the family as a whole as opposed to just one child. Some ideas for family-themed tattoos include each family member’s zodiac sign, flowers to symbolize each family member in their birth color and each family members’ birth month’s flower.

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