How to Wrap Your Hair If It Is Short

By LeafTV Contributor

Women with textured hair can use hair wraps to achieve straight styles without heat styling tools and maintain the health of their hair. You can wrap your hair in between relaxers to stretch new growth and prevent damage from frequent relaxer applications. If you have short hair, you can still wrap your hair even if it doesn't reach completely around your head. Learn how you can take a break from heat styling tools and wrap your short hair for a sleek look.

Start the process with clean ,wet hair and apply a setting lotion or leave-in conditioner to your hair. Wrapping lotions are essential to wrap short hair because they add slip to your hair, which helps it clump together and hold in a wrap. Wrap lotion also adds shine and softness to your hair while it dries.

Comb your hair straight down from the center of your head. Starting at the center of your head, comb your hair clockwise in a circular motion and work your way out from the center to create a hive. Add a dollop of wrap lotion to your hands and smooth around your wrap to secure it in place.

Apply wrap lotion to the back of your hair and smooth it straight down if it's shaved.

Sit under a hooded dryer set to medium heat for 45 to 60 minutes or until your wrap dries.

Massage a few drops of hair serum into your hair to loosen your wrap. Comb out your wrap in a clockwise motion and part your hair to style.