By Jacqueline Thomas

Some women with natural curly hair types prefer to take extra steps every night to maintain a straightened hairstyle. The nightly process is the same, whether hair is chemically straightened, flat ironed or blown dry. There is a bit of a learning curve at first, but after continuous practice, you should be able to wrap your hair without a mirror.

how to wrap hair at night
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how to wrap hair at night

Step 1

Start with clean hair. Clean hair produces the best results after being wrapped. Hair should not have an odor to it at this point.

Step 2

Pour a quarter-sized amount of hair moisturizer into your hands and distribute through hair. Curly hair is the driest hair type, and the process of straightening also strips hair of any natural oils. Use a high quality hair moisturizer to avoid a dry look and to add sheen back into your hair.

Step 3

Take the comb and create a center or side part in your hair, based on how you prefer to wear your hair.

Step 4

Using the brush, start directing your hair in a clockwise direction around your head. Make sure to take your time, and brush any strands of hair that fall out of formation.

Step 5

Continue to slowly wrap the hair around your head, ending the swirl at the top of your head. Make sure to use the brush and keep the hair as close to the surface of your head as possible. Use the brush to smooth any bumpy areas. It's more manageable when you do this in parts.

Step 6

Use clips to secure hair in place. Depending on the length of your hair, you may only need to use one clip.