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Perhaps the healthy apple at the heart of a caramel apple eases some of the guilt when snacking on this dessert on a stick. Surrounding that apple, a caramel coating adds a sweet, decadent flavor to the fruit, but that caramel also poses a problem when packaging caramel apples. By its sticky nature, caramel surrounding an apple tends to stick to any wrapper put around it, and when you remove the wrapper, some of the caramel comes off the apple. Keep your caramel apples intact, coating and all, even after unwrapping, by using the right wrapper and technique.

Cut wax paper into squares measuring 6 inches per side.

Set a square of wax paper on a surface and place the caramel apple with the stick pointing toward the ceiling in the middle of the square.

Bring the corners of the wax paper square up to the stick of the caramel apple.

Hold the wax paper-wrapped apple by the stick and drop it gently into a cellophane candy bag.

Twist a twist-tie or tie a ribbon around the cellophane bag at the point where the stick enters the apple. Store the wrapped caramel apple in the refrigerator for two to three days.