How to Wrap an African Dress

By Liz Frazier

African dresses, sometimes called sarongs or sarees, are very popular in warmer climates. Not only do they keep the body cool, but they give proper support to the breasts and keep them off of the skin where they would soak up excess sweat. They are very easy to tie and can make a quick outfit for when you come in off the beach and want something to wear over your bathing suit. African dresses come in a variety of colors and print designs, making them easy to fit into any kind of wardrobe scheme you can think of.

Step 1

Grip one corner of the fabric in your left hand and wrap the rest around your back. The top edge of the African dress should come up to the height of the bra on your back. Take the corner on the other end of the fabric in a firm grip in your right hand.

Step 2

With your right hand wrap the African dress around the front of your stomach. The top edge of the dress should come to be just under your breasts and nowhere should the dress drag on the ground.

Step 3

Wrap the African dress around your back for a second time. Again, the dress should rest at a height about midway up your back.

Step 4

When you have the two corners in front of you again, tie them together into a knot. When your tie them together, tie them so that the second wrapping of the African dress is on top of your breasts. If there is any excess fabric, bunch it up with the knot in your hand.

Step 5

Tuck the knot and excess fabric between your breasts. Straighten the rest of the dress so that it is not twisted awkwardly. You can adjust the dress by adjusting the portion of fabric tucked in the front. If the dress feels too tight around the back or armpit area, pull some fabric out of the front. If it feels too loose or is dragging on the ground, tuck in more fabric in the front.