How to Wear Your Hair for a Military Ball

By Shaleah Patterson

Whether you're going to a military ball with a boyfriend or a friend, the way your hair looks can make or break your look. Choose a hairstyle that accents your dress. If your dress is strapless, go with an elegant up-do. If your dress has straps, you can wear your hair up or down. Accent your hairstyle with a few small accessories. But, don't wear too many accessories, because you don't want your accessories to clash with each other and cause a fashion disaster.

Choose the right hairstyle for a military ball to create a complete look.

Step 1

Wear an elegant up-do. Wearing an up-do keeps the hair away from your eyes and allows for your makeup to shine. If your hairdo is extravagant, go for a lighter touch of makeup. However, if your hairdo is simple, you can add a little more makeup. Don't put too much make-up on and ruin the appearance of your dress and hair. An elegant bun could be seen as something like what Audrey Hepburn wore in some of her movies. Most professional stylists will be able to pull off the elegant bun up-do.

Step 2

Rock the wavy look. The wavy look is elegant as well and provides a classic appearance if it is done properly. Waves give off a subtle approach, but are also a classic look. Wavy hair works with strapless dresses, but the dress has to be just right for the length of hair. Wavy curls are beautiful in every hair color and can be pulled off easily.

Step 3

Go with the curly look. Curls can work, if they are the right look for the shape of your face and the design of your dress. Soft, tight curls will look great with a strapless dress. This look can be achieved by pinning curls with bobby pins to your head.

Step 4

Pull off the straight look. The straight look is another way to go for a military ball. Straight hair can also be worn with a strapless dress. Flat iron your hair the morning of the ball to give it a fresh look and feel. Spritz your hair with hairspray to keep it as straight as possible.

If your hair is naturally curly, protect your hair from rain and damp areas before the ball. For instance, you may use an umbrella or a plastic bag to cover your head while you walking inside.