How to Wear Wide Leg Pants

By Gerri Garrick

Wide leg pants are flattering to every body type because they drape seamlessly over the entire leg, hiding any difference in proportion between the hips and lower legs. These pants make a pretty big statement and as such, it is important to know how to wear them or you risk becoming a major fashion "don't." Read on to learn the best ways to flatter your figure by wearing wide leg pants and create an attractive look, achieving "fashionista" status in the process.

Step 1

Pair wide leg pants with a fitted Oxford shirt tucked in and pumps for a polished business look. Tucking in your shirt or blouse keeps this look clean and keeps the pants from overwhelming you. Add a pretty scarf or a pearl necklace and earrings to finish the look.

Step 2

Try wearing dressy wide leg pants in a shiny material such as satin for a night out. Wear a fancy camisole top, with or without a fitted jacket, and a strappy pair of evening heels.

Step 3

Go bohemian chic by opting for a pair of denim wide leg pants and a casual tank top. Wear this outfit with flip-flops and a trendy cowgirl hat, or opt for chunky platforms. Add some casual jewelry such as hoop earrings, or chunky bracelets and you are ready for a fun and relaxed day anywhere!

Step 4

Pair black or white wool wide leg pants with a fitted turtleneck in the winter and you are well dressed for any event. Opt for flats for a more casual outing, heels and gold jewelry for a dressier affair. Try velvet pants instead of wool for a more luxurious look.

Step 5

Choose any of the above options and you will be optimizing both your style and figure.