How to Wear White

By LeafTV Editor

Renee Rogers

Three all white outfits to try this summer.

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Stay cool throughout the summer and make a statement with a fresh and effortless monochromatic outfit of all white pieces. Create casual looks for the beach, pool or running errands or dressier looks for a weekend brunch or social soiree with these do's and don'ts for wearing all white.

A simple all white tank dress and sneakers.

Renee Rogers

An effortless and hassle-free way to wear all white is with a dress. You don't have to wear white shoes, but to stay consistent with the monochromatic look, do wear neutral-toned shoes in colors such as blush, tan, beige, or a metallic silver or champagne. Do wear a fit that is appropriate for the activity or occasion. If you want to dress casually, wear a looser fitting dress such as a tank or shirt dress in a lightweight and breathable fabric such as cotton, jersey, or linen; and pair your dress with sneakers, flats or a short-heeled bootie. Give shape to your loose-fitting dress with a skinny belt in a neutral color. Dress up for a special occasion in a white dress with a more structured fit or wear a white dress made of a loose fabric such as chiffon or a frilly fabric such as lace. You aren't limited to short or midi-length dresses; wear maxi-length dresses for a more formal effect.

The complete all-white layered look.

Renee Rogers

Just as you might layer a sweater or jacket over a T-shirt or tank top, do the same with all-white pieces. Wear a semi-fitted to loose white t-shirt or blouse with a structured jacket or coat thrown over it and white skinny jeans or trousers. Don't wear pieces that are all loose-fitting or all tight-fitting. In this look, an airy tank tucks into a skinny jean; white strappy heels and a structured vest complete the outfit. A fit guide to follow for any outfit, all white or not, is to wear a more fitted or tucked-in top with a tight pant or a fitted top with a looser-fitting or A-line bottom.

A close up view of the all white layered outfit.

Renee Rogers

Mixing two different white fabrics to create an all-white look.

Renee Rogers

For an interesting effect, mix two to three contrasting white fabrics to create an outfit. Even though the various pieces are all in white, do carefully select fabrics to avoid a busy look. Pick a simple cotton button-down, blouse, bottom or dress and pair it with an embellished or textured counterpart such as lace, embroidered details or sweater knit. Don't pick two fabrics in the same fit, such as both loose or both tight. For example, if you have an oversize blouse, pair it with a tight bottom, or a bottom that gives your legs shape. In this look, a zebra-like print embroidered onto a sheer top is layered over a structured white cotton dress. Both the zebra print and peplum waist detail give volume and dimension to the dress and overall outfit.

A close up view of the two different white fabrics worn together.

Renee Rogers

Photos taken by Renee Rogers of Hanger Shortage