Supra shoes have high-top ankles that provide a comfortable fit, but the thick, tall ankles can make your pants fit uncomfortably if you don’t wear them correctly. Instead of banishing your jeans to the closet for cutoffs, carefully position your pant legs over the shoes for a comfortable and fashionable fit.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans will hug your ankle, giving you the opportunity to show off your shoes in their entirety. Put on your skinny jeans and pull the hem over the heel of your foot. Bunch the pant legs just above your ankles, leaving your ankles and feet bare. Slip on a sock and then slide your foot into your Supra. Pull the ankle lip of the Supra up around the hem of the pants. Pull on the tongue to make wearing the shoes more comfortable. Tie the laces of the Supras.

Loose Jeans

Loose jeans fit comfortably around the high ankles of your Supras, but they can obscure the shoe. If you don’t want your Supras too visible, let the hem of your pants rest over the shoes. Put on your pants and slip into your socks and shoes next. Pull the pant leg up your leg so you can adjust the shoes without interruption. Straighten the tongue of the shoes and tie them. Pull your pant leg down so it hangs over the front of the shoes and rests over the back as well. Tuck the front of the pant leg behind the shoe lips to keep more of your shoes exposed.

Boot Cut

Boot-cut jeans flair a little at the end, allowing you to fit the ankle of the shoes inside your pant leg without obscuring much more of the shoe. Slide on your pants and raise the pant legs to keep them out of the way. Pull on your socks and shoes. Straighten the tongue and tighten the laces. Pull the pant legs over the ankles of the Supras. The pants will end just below the ankle of the Supras without feeling constricting.

Straight Leg

Straight-legged pants are the most difficult style to wear with high-top shoes like Supras, but it is possible. Instead of letting the pants bunch around the ankles or pinch your feet over the high-top ankles, flip the hem of the pants over. Make a fold that is at least 1-inch thick. Position it so the bottom of the fold sits just below the ankles of the Supras. If your fold it too high, it will create an unattractive visual affect that makes it look like you’re wearing old flood pants.