Whether you need to wear a dress that is see through or do not have much and need something that can make your chest look bigger and stand out, silicon bra inserts are the way to go. Is it because you think they are too hard to put on or in that keeps you away. Well this is your guide to a very easy procedure.

First, you will obviously have to go out and buy silicon bra inserts, if you do not already have some. While, you are shopping for the bra inserts, be sure to also buy the bra tape, unless if you are just going to be putting these inserts into your bra. Now, you can not use regular tape, so do not try that. It has to be the actual bra tape, which most stores keep right next to the bra inserts.

Also, make sure to buy the right size for yourself. YES! They come by size, their not one size fits all! Double check!

Next, when you get home, be sure to take a quick shower or just simply take a towel, wet it, and then bolt your chest all over with the wet towel, to make sure it is clean. If it is not, and if by any chance it is dirty or sweaty, we all know that's the first place we can not control sweat. It will cause the inserts to keep slipping off.

Then, dry yourself very well, and stand in front of a mirror, unless you have a second hand helping you, and just watch yourself carefully doing this, so you can do it the right way.

Take the silicon bra inserts one at a time. Place the left one over your left breast, and hold it in it's place. Make sure if you are going to be wearing a see through dress, that it covers the entire breast, or at least more than half.

Now, while it is in place, carefully take the bra tape out and just across the bottom of the breast where the insert ends, tape it from one end of your breast to the other. Repeat this with the tops. To make it less visible you can also do side and side, just the same way. But, make sure that the tape is holding the insert and your breast together. Just to make sure it won't fall off, worst case scenario.

Now, if you are using the bra inserts just to add a bit to your breast size, or the way it looks through a certain dress or blouse you will be wearing, then simply put on your bra. Next, slip the inserts in, make sure that this is the way you want them to look and that it's perfect for you. Then, you can just leave them in like that. Or, just to be on the safe side, if your like me and are very insecure and think it's not enough to hold it, then you can take the bra off quickly tape it the same way I explained above, and put the bra back on. It's that simple.

Your all set, so razzle and dazzle ladies!