How to Wear Mismatched Socks With Style

By LeafTV Editor

How to Wear Mismatched Socks With Style. New modern and funky trends allow for people to be as crazy as they want to be. Pettiskirts, leg warmers, red hair, and mismatched socks are all part of the freshest funky trends. Not only does wearing mismatched socks allow for you to show off your creative fashion sense, it also allows for you to forget about digging through your closet to find a matching pair of socks.

Step 1

Visit a local fashion boutique to scope out some of the latest trends in socks and legwarmers. Funny as it may sound, there are designer mismatched socks. You will want to wear mismatched socks that are designed to wear that way.

Step 2

Look into buying mismatched socks that come in zany designs and colors. For example, you could wear a black and white polka dotted sock along with a hot pink sock with black and white stripes. To go along with the socks, you could wear a hot pink skirt with a black blouse.

Step 3

Buy some accessories to compliment your mismatched socks. You could get a purse that matches the design of one of the socks but that is the color of the other sock.

Step 4

Show off your mismatched socks and get more and more people interested in the current trend. Wear some mismatched socks that come in opposite designs and colors. This will get people to notice your unique and distinct fashion sense.

Step 5

Begin to wear some mismatched socks that you put together. After purchasing numbers of mismatched socks, you will be able to get creative and put together some new sets that look best with your attire.