How to Wear Leggings If You're a Plus Size

By Ruth Altman

Leggings can be any girl's best friend when worn the right way -- even if you have curves. Stick to leggings made from sturdy opaque fabric and make sure they fit well -- no pinching! Complete the look with a loose, comfortable top along with practical footwear for a fashionable take on the classic legging look.

Happy brunette lying on sofa
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A woman is relaxing on the sofa wearing leggings.

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Color and Fabric

Choose leggings made from high-quality fabric using cotton blends with stretch such as Spandex or Lycra. Go for leggings in a solid, dark color -- think navy, plum, charcoal or the quintessentially classic black. Make sure the fabric is completely opaque and substantial; if it goes on too sheer or looks distorted when worn, go a size up. Leggings should be fitted through the leg and hip with a generous waistband that cut into your skin. Make sure leggings end at the ankle; capri choices tend to cut off your leg line.

Tops and Footwear

Pair your leggings with a tunic, sweater, long blouse or a loose button-down top that is cut at or below the hip. Avoid anything that is too tight; loose and generously cut tops look balanced against the fitted look of leggings. Finish with footwear that flatters; ballet flats, a plain pump or boots with a low heel are solid shoe choices. Choose footwear in a monochromatic shade to help elongate the body rather than cutting off your shape at the ankle with a contrasting color.