How to Wear Houndstooth in the Spring

By Barbie Carpenter

Houndstooth is a black and white checked pattern historically associated with menswear. However, modern day fashion offers a variety of houndstooth options for women, from dresses and skirts to accessories like scarves. This pattern transcends seasons, and houndstooth fans can find the pattern in a myriad of colors appropriate for spring. Whether you wear a houndstooth dress or add a bit of texture to a look with a houndstooth accessory, there are many ways for women to wear this look in the spring.

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Step 1

Choose feminine styles. Warmer spring temperatures allow you to break out the skirts and dresses, so choose feminine houndstooth pieces to wear to work or on the weekends. A houndstooth shift dress paired with a cardigan is ideal for moderate spring temperatures.

Step 2

Embrace color. The traditional black and white houndstooth pattern works well with brightly colored shades, and color is an essential part of any spring wardrobe. Wear a houndstooth pencil skirt with a cobalt blue top to brighten the black and white look. A cropped houndstooth jacket is practical for chilly spring nights, and you can pair it with a fuchsia tank and trouser jeans.

Step 3

Accessorize with houndstooth. If you're not comfortable wearing an all-houndstooth ensemble, start small with a houndstooth accessory to incorporate into your look. A light houndstooth scarf is perfect for cool spring days, and it looks great with a brightly colored T-shirt or light sweater. Choose shades of yellow, coral or turquoise to add a pop of spring color into your houndstooth look.

Step 4

Wear a traditional houndstooth hat. Keep your hair under wraps on windy spring days with a classic houndstooth hat. Popularized by University of Alabama football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant in the 1960s, the houndstooth hat can add a masculine touch to a woman's look. For spring, pair the hat with pastels and skirts to balance the masculinity and femininity in your outfit.

Step 5

Choose modern styles. Although houndstooth is a traditional black and white print, modern-day houndstooth comes in a range of colors perfect for spring. Find a brightly colored houndstooth dress or tunic, and pair it with leggings for a comfortable spring look.