How to Wear Doc Martens in a Modern Way

By LeafTV Contributor

Ah, Doc Martens, the utility boots of your youth. You may want a pair to wear today, but how to straddle the fine line between looking like an extra for "Reality Bites" and being a modern, fashionable woman of today? Here are some easy ways to bring the 1990s "It" boot into this decade.

Tim Booth of British rock band James channels '90s grunge in 2011.

Step 1

If you're a little tired of Uggs and want a new boot look, try Dr. Martens. To start, get a nice, plain black pair. Try some that are fairly short.

Step 2

Here's how to pair these with your pants. Back in the '90s, both men and women wore faded bootcut bluejeans, and rolled them up a little to show off the boots. For a modern twist, chose a darker wash jean with a straight leg. Still roll them up a bit (this time for a slight cuff) to see the boot.

Step 3

Unisex flannel shirts were the choice for tops back then, but pairing them with Docs now would look dated. Unless you're looking for a vintage vibe, opt for a simple white oxford shirt or black fitted, long sleeve T for a cleaner look.

Step 4

For ladies, skirts and dresses look tres cool paired with these boots. Alternate the flower print baby dolls with a fitted miniskirt and loose top.

Step 5

Another look for ladies, very now with a nod to the past, is cutoff denim shorts with black tights. Simple Doc Martens complement this look nicely.