How to Wear Capri Pants

By Remy Lo

Capri pants are a trendy fashion item that can be worn in a variety of ways. These pants fall at mid-calf, instead of extending down to the ankles. If you've ever wanted to wear capri pants but didn't know how to incorporate them into your wardrobe, it's time to learn. Women of different heights and shapes can take advantage of the versatile nature of these pants. Enhance your style by adding capri pants into your fashion rotation.

Step 1

Assess your figure to choose the most flattering styles of capri pants. Capri pants are made with different leg widths and lengths to accommodate women of all figures. Avoid wearing capri pants that don't reach mid-calf or that are too tapered at the leg openings. Pick form-fitting pants that feature slight flaring at the bottom to accentuate your shape.

Step 2

Avoid wearing capri pants that feature unflattering design details. Choose styles with flat front panels rather than pleated front panels. Avoid wearing styles that feature large patterns, as these can make you appear larger.

Step 3

Choose suitable shoes based on the width of the pant legs. Wide-leg capri pants work best with clogs and wedges, while straight-leg Capri pants work best with flat shoes and small heels. Try out different shoes with each pair of pants to find the most flattering options.

Step 4

Take advantage of your lower legs being exposed. Draw more attention to the pants by wearing an ankle bracelet. Benefit from the exposure by showing off a pair of exotic shoes. Ensure your legs are moisturized properly before wearing Capri pants.

Step 5

Think beyond the casual look. Although capri pants are known for comfort, you can dress them up to suit a variety of fashion tastes. Add a cardigan and collared shirt to create a business casual ensemble. Wear a flowing blouse, necklaces and heels to create a date-worthy outfit. Throw on a fitted polo shirt and athletic shoes to create a sporty look.