How to Wear an Ankle Bracelet

By Contributing Writer

Ankle bracelets enhance an outfit, while allowing you to show off your fashion sense. Putting jewelry on your ankle can highlight your femininity and your attention to detail. Pair this jewelry with well-chosen clothing and accessories to elevate your ankles to star status.

Step 1

Wearing an ankle bracelet on either leg is acceptable. Avoid falling into outdated fashion rules that attached social standing or relationship status to which leg wore the bracelet.

Step 2

Prepare your legs and ankles. Ensure that your lower body is ready for the extra attention that wearing an ankle bracelet is sure to attract. Massage lotion into your skin before fastening on an ankle bracelet. Keeping lotion handy throughout your outing can ensure your ankles don't appear dry.

Step 3

Show off your ankle bracelet. Avoid letting your ankle bracelet get lost under bulky clothing. Pair your jewelry with shorter pants such as Capri pants, or with sundresses and skirts. Refrain from overshadowing the bracelet with vivid outerwear patterns.

Step 4

Pick shoes according to the bracelet's features. For example, match thick bracelets with chunky-heeled clogs while matching thin bracelets with stilettos. Wear shoes in either coordinating or contrasting colors.

Step 5

Delve beyond simple metallic strands. Choose ankle bracelets in a variety of colors and styles, including beaded or woven. Customize ankle bracelets with your initials or by adding charms and tassels.