How to Wear a Slip

By LeafTV Editor

How to Wear a Slip. You should wear a slip when you wear clingy or transparent clothing. It helps cover underwear lines and other parts you want to keep private. It also helps the clothing lie properly and not wrinkle, ride up or cling. Some contour slips also provide support and enhance body shape.

Wear a Slip

Step 1

Select the right style. Choose a short slip for short dresses, a long slip for long dresses or a half-slip for skirts. Select a strapless bra-slip for a strapless dress.

Step 2

Choose the right color. Slips come in many colors including pink, blue, red and yellow. Coordinate the colors to your outfit. For example, black with black or white with white or choose a neutral color.

Step 3

Consider the material. Satins, silks and nylon are form fitting. Cottons and blends are looser.

Step 4

Make sure the slip fits. A nice fitting slip will lie smoothly over the body and not pull or pucker.

Step 5

Consider the function. Some slips slenderize and flatten the stomach or lift and shape the buttocks. These are commonly made of stretch materials like Lycra. Some have versatile straps that criss-cross, halter or are removable. Others are sexy and fun with eyelets or lace trim.

Step 6

Try the slip on with your clothing. You want your slip to fit the garment you are wearing. You don't want your slip to show through a slit, hang below your hem or show under your arms or above the neckline of your blouse or dress.