How to Wear a Short Skirt Without Looking Overexposed

By Bethany Williams

Short skirts, whether they are minis or mid-thigh, can leave you feeling too exposed. A few fashion tricks can rescue your look so you're not feeling like you're showing too much skin. The right leggings, tights or knee-high socks can reduce the amount of skin you expose, while shoes and the perfect top can make all the difference between chic and over-the-top sexy.

Woman wearing a skirt
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Pair a short skirt with sheer or matte pantyhose to make it less revealing.

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Hosiery and Leggings

The easiest way to show less skin while wearing a short skirt is to put on a pair of tights. For the most classic, elegant appearance, pantyhose is your best option. If you don't like pantyhose — sheer or matte — wear leggings, knee-high socks or a pair of fitted pants. Avoid hosiery with patterns and stick to solid dark colors. This reduces the amount of attention drawn to your legs and, consequently, the length of your skirt.

Smart Footwear

When wearing shorter skirts, avoid wearing towering heels. Heels elongate the appearance of your legs and can make a short skirt look too provocative. While flats are the ideal option for a short skirt, you can add a bit of height with kitten heels. You can also add height by wearing heeled boots, which cover more of your legs than shoes. To keep your look on the demure side, choose boots with chunkier -- rather than thin stiletto -- heels.

Wear Two Skirts

If you don't want to wear tall boots or hosiery, pair a short, fitted skirt with a longer skirt. Wear a lightweight, sheer skirt on top of or underneath your form-fitting mini skirt for a more bohemian look. For a romantic but casual look, wear a long, sheer lace skirt over a shorter, fitted jean miniskirt.

What's on Top

Aim to cover up on top to avoid looking overexposed on the bottom. Wear long- or short-sleeved shirts rather than tank tops, and avoid shirts that are low cut. For example, pair your skirt with a form-fitting jacket or flowing blouse or top. The jacket works well for a sleek professional look, while the loose blouse is better suited for casual or fashion-forward events. "Cosmopolitan" magazine recommends wearing your short skirt with an asymmetrically cut tunic. The extended length of the top covers up a bit more of your bottom half.