How to Wash Your Face to Prevent Acne

By LeafTV Editor

How to Wash Your Face to Prevent Acne. Acne strikes people from adolescence through middle age. As worrisome as pimples, zits and blackheads can be for teens, it can be worse to find yourself with adult acne. Take the first line of defense against acne by washing your face properly.

Wash Your Face to Prevent Acne

Step 1

Pull your hair back from your face with some type of headband.

Step 2

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap so that your hands don't transfer more acne-causing bacteria to your face.

Step 3

Run water until it's lukewarm, and then splash your face with the warm water to ready it for cleansing.

Step 4

Keep soap from clogging your pores with a fragrance free, non-comedogenic soap specifically made for faces. Clogged pores keep your skin's oils from reaching the surface of the skin, which causes acne.

Step 5

Get a couple of squirts of facial soap, which will probably amount to slightly larger than a quarter size. Pump bottles make applying face cleanser easier.

Step 6

Rub the soap into your skin gently, moving your fingers in a circular motion for at least 30 seconds. Clean hands work much better than loofahs or harsh cloths that can irritate your skin and make acne worse.

Step 7

Rinse your face with cool water by cupping the water in your hands and lifting it your face. Do this several times until all traces of soap are gone. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.