Young hous wife mixing wiped cream

Adding cream or milk to an omelet results in a creamier and fluffier omelet than simply eggs alone. The secret to a fluffy omelet is the added air whipped in that the whipping cream helps to trap. Whipping cream can be added to any kind of omelet with any variety of added meats, vegetables, cheeses and spices. Omelets should only be cooked for a total of about two minutes in order to keep their light texture and flavor.

Crack eggs into a bowl. Beat for a few seconds with a fork or hand whisk until smooth.

Measure 1 tbsp. of heavy whipping cream for every two eggs scrambled. If you crack open six eggs, add 3 tbsp. whipping cream to the bowl.

Whip the egg and cream mixture by hand for two to three minutes or with an electric egg beater or stand mixer for about one minute.

Add salt, pepper or any other powdered or spice seasoning to the mixture and pour into a hot pan coated with butter, oil or bacon fat. Sprinkle your selected meats, vegetables and cheese and cook for one to two minutes while pushing the cooked eggs toward the middle to allow the raw eggs to fill the edge. Fold in half and transfer to a plate. Do not overcook or the fluffiness created by the whipping cream will be lost.


For an extra fluffy omelet, add 1/8 tsp. baking powder to the egg and cream mixture before cooking.