Omelette with radishes, onions and lettuce

Folding omelette pans make cooking a breeze by helping you flip and fold your omelette without making a mess. These pans are available from many different manufacturers, and can be purchased at most kitchen stores. Most folding omelette pans are nonstick, but if yours is not be sure to grease the pan before you begin. Some cooks also choose to use folding omelette pans as a simple divided pan, cooking an omelette in one side and hash browns or breakfast sausage in the other.

Prepare your ingredients. Chop vegetables, cheese and other fillings, and break your eggs into a medium mixing bowl. Plan to use two to three eggs per omelet. Add one tbs water or milk for every two eggs, and whisk the eggs and liquid together until they are light yellow and fully blended.

Preheat your folding omelette pan over medium heat. If your pan is not nonstick, add a little butter or cooking spray to each side of the pan.

Ladle your beaten eggs into both sides of the omelette pan. One full ladle is enough for a full omelette, so use about half a ladle for each side. Sprinkle your cheese and fillings over the surface of the eggs on one or both sides of the pan.

Let the eggs cook for about two minutes, or until fully set. The surface of the eggs may still be slightly runny. Using the small handle on the side of your folding pan, lift one side of the pan and fold it over the other side, combining the two omelette halves. Keep the pan folded closed, and allow your omelette to cook for another minute to finish the center.

Slide the omelette out of the pan and onto a dinner plate. Garnish the top with cheese or fillings, and serve warm.


  • Keep your burner on a medium setting so the omelette does not burn. If the outside is getting crispy or burnt, reduce the heat.

    If you are cooking hash browns or other side dishes in one compartment of your folding pan, leave your omelette in the other side and flip halfway through cooking.