How To Use The Time Bake On A Ge Electric Range
Scott Olson/Getty Images News/GettyImages

So you've brought your new GE electric range home, installed it in your kitchen and used it to bake cookies once or twice. Now you have to take the kids to soccer practice this afternoon, but you're serving baked potatoes for dinner and you want to eat right away when you come home. What to do? Your new oven has a timed bake feature that will bake the potatoes for you while you're out, but how do you know you've pressed the right buttons? You definitely don't want to come home and find those potatoes still raw. You can learn how to use the time bake on a GE electric range by following these simple steps.

JB and Quick Set Models

Press the "Bake" pad on the oven's control area.

Set the baking temperature using the "+" and "-" pads. If your model has number pads, use those instead. Press the "Cook Time" or "Cooking Time" pad.

Set the cooking time using the "+" and "-" pads or the number pads. Press the "Delay Start" or "Start Time" pad.

Set the time you want the oven to turn on, using the "+" and "-" or number pads. Press the "Start" or "Start/On" pad, and then place the food in the oven.

JC Models

Press the "Bake Time" pad. Use the "+" and "-" pads to set the baking time.

Press the "Stop Time" pad. Use the "+" and "-" keys to set the time you want baking to END (unlike on other models, where you set the start time instead).

Press the "Bake" pad. Use the "+" and "-" keys to set the baking temperature, then place the food in the oven.


  • Add extra time to allow for preheating, since the oven timer starts as soon as the element turns on, not when the oven reaches its cooking temperature.

  • The food will keep cooking even after the element has turned off, so set the timed bake to end close to the time you expect to be home.