Toddler Girl Playing Cooking Chef in a Preschool Classroom

The Easy-Bake oven is a small toy oven designed for older children and teenagers. Popular now for decades, Easy-Bake ovens allow children to make simple cakes and cookies with minimal chance of burning themselves. The ovens are packaged with cake and brownie mixes that require you to simply add water.

Prepare the Machine

Before the Easy-Bake oven is ready to use, you'll need to install a 100-watt light bulb into the back of the unit. To install the light bulb, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from the back panel. Once the screws are loose, lift the panel from the unit. Screw a standard 100-watt light bulb into the socket located on the back of the panel. Replace the panel when you're finished. Avoid using high efficiency or soft white light bulbs, because the machine will only function with a standard 100-watt bulb.

Start Baking

Once the light bulb in your machine is installed, it's time to prepare a baked good. Preheat the Easy-Bake oven for 15 minutes. While the oven is preheating, place the contents of one Easy-Bake envelope into a mixing bowl. If you're making brownies, add 2 tsp. of water to the mix. If you're making sugar cookies, you'll only need 1 tsp. of water. Mix the ingredients using a fork. Press the ingredients into the Easy-Bake pan.

Use the pan handler to slide the pan into the baking chamber, located on the side of the oven. Keep sliding the handler until the arrows on the handler match up with the edge of the baking chamber. Press the "Bake" button and leave your baked goods in the oven for the time indicated on your Easy-Bake recipe card. Once the machine is done baking, use the pan handler to push the pan into the cooling chamber. Allow your baked goods to cool in the chamber for 10 minutes. Then, use the pan handler to remove the pan from the oven. Unplug the oven when you're finished baking.


Supervise your children while they are using the Easy-Bake oven, especially when they are taking the pan out of the oven. Always use an oven mitt while handling hot pans. Never use the oven around water or leave it unattended. To wash your oven, wipe with a damp cloth.