How to Use the Houdini Wine Opener

By David Montoya

If you like wine, then you've probably broken a few corks while it was still lodged in the bottle. This situation poses the all-too-common problem: how do you get the cork out without getting little bits and pieces of cork in the wine? You can avoid this problem all together by purchasing the right wine opener. Lever-style wine openers like the Houdini Wine Opener hold the bottle firmly in place and use the physical power of a lever to cleanly pull out the cork. Cheers to no more cork in your pinot grigio!

Broken corks are a thing of the past with lever-style wine openers.

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Operating a Houdini Wine Opener

Step 1

Lift the lever up so the worm is lifted up. The work is the twisting needle-like part of the opener that is directly inserted into the cork.

Step 2

Place the very top of the wine bottle between the two grips. This will place the cork directly beneath the worm. Make sure the bottle is in the spot that is shaped like a wine bottle neck. It needs to be in this exact position to be held firmly in place.

Step 3

Squeeze the grips tightly to hold the wine bottle in place.

Step 4

Push down the lever so the worm is inserted into the cork.

Step 5

Pull the lever back up to remove the cork from the wine bottle. Make sure to have a firm grip on both the two grips and the lever so your hands don't slip off.

Step 6

Put the lever back in the down position and squeeze the grips on the cork you just pulled from the wine bottle.

Step 7

Lift the lever while squeezing the grips to remove the cork from the worm.