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A daily step-by-step skincare system is one way for men and women to maintain glowing and healthy skin. Cosmetic company Clinique features products that follow a three-step cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing process. No matter your skin type, it is important to know how to use the Clinique system properly to create the perfect canvas for makeup and other essential skin treatments, or to prep and exfoliate a man's skin for his daily shave.

Skincare for Women

Dampen your hands and face with lukewarm water. Avoid hot or cold water, which can aggravate skin problems such as redness and rosacea.

Squeeze a dime-sized amount of Liquid Facial Soap in the palm of your dampened hands, or create a lather with the Facial Soap using your palms and lukewarm water.

Smooth the cleansing product over your face for 15 seconds. Using circular motions, gently massage the soap into your skin with your fingertips or a dampened washcloth. Limit your face-washing to less than 60 seconds to avoid stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Splash your face with warm water four or five times to rinse your skin and completely remove the product from your face. Rinse and dry your skin with a clean paper towel or a clean washcloth.

Choose the Mild Clarifying Lotion or the Clarifying Lotion number that corresponds with your skin type, then dampen a cotton ball with the solution.

Wipe the cotton ball around your face for 60 seconds to remove excess oil and dead skin. Gently rub the cotton ball on your face and neck, using small upward strokes. Let the product dry.

Place a dime-sized dollop of Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ or Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel into your hand. Smooth the product onto your face and neck to seal in moisture.

Skincare for Men

Dampen your hands and face with lukewarm water. Squeeze a dime-sized amount of the men's liquid Face Wash, or create a lather with the Face Soap and water in the palms of your hands.

Smooth the product over your chin, nose, cheeks and forehead. Let the product remain on your face for 15 seconds to remove oil and dirt, and soften your facial hair.

Rinse your face with three to four splashes of lukewarm water to remove the cleanser, then towel dry with a washcloth or paper towel.

Dampen one cotton ball with the Clinique for Men Exfoliating Tonic or Oil Control Exfoliating Tonic. Apply the product to your neck and face for 60 seconds to prep and exfoliate your skin for shaving. Smooth the product on your skin using small upward strokes. Let the product dry.

Place a dime-sized amount of New Clinique for Men Moisturizing Lotion or Oil Control Mattifying Lotion into your hand. Use the mattifying lotion for any skin type. Use the moisturizing lotion if you have very dry, dry or dry combination skin. Smooth the product onto your face and neck to seal in moisture.


Choose a facial soap based on your skin type. The Clinique soap formulas for women are designed for very dry to dry skin, dry combination skin, or combination oily or oily skin. The men's cleansing products are divided into "all skin types," dry and oily skin formulations.

Use the Clinique moisturizing lotion if you have dry skin and the gel formulation if you have oily skin.

The Clinique men's Exfoliating Tonic is sold in oily and dry skin formulations. The Men's oil control exfoliating tonic, however, is for oily skin types only.

Follow the Clinique three-step system in the morning and right before bedtime.


To avoid irritation, don’t swipe the clarifying lotion around the lips and the eye area.

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