aromatherapy - floral essential oil bottle

If you have oily skin or have ever had a breakout (and let’s face it, who hasn’t), likely you’ve tried just about everything to stop your skin from stressing you out. There are tons of ways to treat acne and unsightly blemishes, but most recommendations still include ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

However, if you want to opt for an all-natural alternative, tea tree oil might be the best solution. Known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it's been used for years as a natural treatment for an array of ailments, including acne. Find out the truth about tea tree oil and see if it’s right for you with these pro guidelines.

The effects of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has long been used to treat, heal, and even prevent acne. Although tea tree oil is natural, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s less harsh than traditional treatments for acne. Tea tree oil can be very irritating to skin, especially in those that are more sensitive, leading to contact dermatitis, dryness, burning, stinging, or peeling.

Always dilute it

The key to using it on acne is to always dilute tea tree oil in a carrier oil like jojoba oil, safflower oil, or argan oil. Mix several drops of tea tree oil into the base oil before applying it directly to the skin. Also, be sure to try a patch test first, especially if you have overly sensitive skin.

Healing properties

According to makeup and brow artist, Ramy Gafni, tea tree oil is so beneficial encase it’s both anti-septic and anti-bacterial. Use it to treat blemishes, calming breakouts with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

How to apply tea tree oil

First, wash skin with a gentle cleanser for oily or combination skin. Next, apply a few drops of tea tree oil onto a wet cotton pad or Q-tip and dot directly on blemishes. Or, mix several drops of tea tree oil into your favorite serum or moisturizer before applying to the face. Finish with SPF.

Include tea tree oil into your regular skincare routine or add it as needed as a spot treatment. Either way, blemishes will have no choice but to disappear.