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A golden tan is often considered an indicator of health and beauty. There are several different ways to obtain a tan, including using a tanning bed, sunless tanners, or outdoor tanning. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, tanning beds are not safer than outdoor tanning as they increase the chances of melanoma. Indoor tanning lotions are used primarily to speed up the tanning process, as well as extend tans. Indoor tanning lotions help the skin absorb the ultra-violet rays, which helps people tan more quickly. They often contain ingredients such as Tyrosine, which increases the production of melanin.

Choose the indoor tanning lotion that is best suited for your skin. Tingle lotions are very popular for indoor tanning. However, as they are activated by heat and ultra-violet rays by bringing blood closer to the skin, they can be extremely irritating to sensitive skin. Consider a lotion that contains a bronzer, which will provide instant color, if you want to perk up pale skin.

Apply the lotion to all areas of your skin that will be exposed to the sun. Apply the indoor tanning lotion using long, smooth strokes. Make sure to cover all areas evenly.

Apply sunscreen to your skin. If you use a relatively low SPF sunscreen, such as SPF 4 or 10, you will still be able to tan, and the sunscreen will prevent you from getting sunburn.

If you are tanning outside for longer than two hours, reapply the indoor tanning lotion to your exposed skin.


When shopping for indoor tanning lotion, look for moisturizing ingredients such as cocoa butter and Shea butter.


Tan only in moderation. Any exposure to ultra-violet rays damages the skin.