Stacked chocolate chip cookies on rustic wooden background

Parchment paper can be used to line the trays of a food drier or food dehydrator when making crackers or drying an item that could slip through the holes on the tray. No-bake, dried cookie recipes can also be mixed up and placed on parchment-paper lined dehydrator trays to avoid creating a mess, as these cookies often stick to the plastic trays during the drying process and can be difficult to remove.

Cut the parchment paper with scissors to fit the tray of the food dehydrator.

Place the parchment paper onto the food dehydrator tray. These trays usually have raised sides so the parchment paper will not slip out of the tray.

Place your fruit or prepared batter onto the parchment paper. Parchment paper is often used during baking, and most items will not stick to the paper; it is not necessary to grease the sheet.

Turn the food dehydrator on and dry food as you normally would. Throw away the parchment paper after the food has finished drying.