Pancake molds form the liquid batter into more uniform shapes as it cooks. Metal pancake molds rest on the surface of the griddle, transfer heat to the sides of the batter and decrease cooking times. Restaurants often use pancake molds to quickly create stacks of pancakes that are all the same size. A home cook can use a variety of pancake mold forms and sizes to form creative pancake shapes. Add some whimsical fun to the breakfast plate with molded pancakes.

Things You'll Need

Spray the griddle or pan surface with a thin layer of cooking oil spray. Coat the interior surfaces of the pancake mold with cooking oil spray and place it on the cooking surface. Warm the pan and mold over medium heat for five minutes or set an electric griddle to 350 degrees F.

Pour batter into the pancake mold until it is half full. Cook the pancake until all the bubbles that rise to the surface have popped. Lift the pancake mold straight up off the cooking surface by the handle.

Flip the pancake onto an empty position on the cooking surface to finish cooking. Remove the molded pancake from the cooking surface when the second side is golden brown.


  • Accent the shape of the molded pancakes with careful placement of the other foods on the plate. Heart-shaped pancakes can be highlighted with sliced strawberries and lined with whipped cream. Round pancakes look like faces with egg eyes and bacon mouths added on top.