How to Store Leftover Pancake Batter

By Whitney Donohue

Storing pancake batter is both easy and convenient. The batter benefits from a resting period, which allows the leavenings time to process and mature. Pancake batters with stiff egg whites folded into the batter are the exception: the eggs will separate in the batter, resulting in a less than tasty pancake. The best type of pancake batters to store are those made with baking powder or soda, or a yeast based batter such as sourdough.


How to Store Pancake Batter


Step 1

Place leftover pancake batter in a tightly covered container.


Step 2

Place the container in the back of the fridge. Pancake batter can last this way in your refrigerator up to five days.


Step 3

Freeze the batter in smaller containers for individual meals. Batter frozen in a yogurt cup will yield approximately two pancakes.


Step 4

Thaw frozen batter by removing it from freezer and placing it anywhere in the refrigerator. The batter may separate a bit, but it can be stirred back together without any loss of quality.