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Olive oil is one of the healthier oils with which to cook. It is not only a healthful oil for the inside of our bodies, it has been a staple in cosmetics since ancient times. Olive oil on the face seldom causes a reaction. A few simple tips may transform your beauty regimen for good.

Oil it up

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Mix one part vinegar and one part water to two parts olive oil. This will make a night cream that softens your face and evens out your skin tone.

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Moisten your face with water and massage olive oil directly into your face. In the palm of your hand, put a small amount of sugar. Scrub the sugar into the olive oil that is on your face. Rinse until all the sugar granules are gone. This will slough off dead, dry skin cells and leave your face with a natural, healthful glow.

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Rub some olive oil on your lips to alleviate or prevent chapped lips.

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Dab your eyes with a cotton ball or cosmetic pad with olive oil to take off eye makeup. It will easily remove waterproof mascara. Remove contact lenses before putting oil around your eyes.

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Massage olive oil into your fine lines and wrinkles, concentrating on any dry spots. This will moisten the area and help improve overall appearance.


Purchase brands that don't have "pure" and/or "light" on the label; this means they've been processed chemically.

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